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Frame allocation for smart phone based games using clouds Sandhu, Vikramjit Singh


This thesis considers exploiting the channel dynamics and the cloud state information for optimal frame allocation of video frames between a cloud gaming server and a mobile user. Such scheduling offloads the computational workload of running graphically intensive applications from the smart-phone onto the cloud, thereby extending the battery life of the smart-phone. The objective is to achieve a trade-off between the number of high resolution and low resolution frames sent, subject to delivering a minimum total number of frames within a pre-defined deadline. To tackle this objective, the trade-off has been formulated as a Markov Decision Process. It is proved that the optimal frame allocation policy for transmitting video frames from the cloud is monotone in both the number of frames transmitted as well as the time taken to transmit those frames. Finally, a simulation based stochastic optimization algorithm is presented which exploits the monotone structure of the optimal policy - the algorithm estimates the optimal policy without knowledge of the transition probabilities.

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