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Investigation of high-performance DC-DC converters for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle battery chargers Gautam, Deepak


Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) and Electric Vehicles (EVs) are an emerging trend in automotive circles, and consumer interest is growing rapidly. With the development of PHEVs, battery chargers for automotive applications are becoming a large market for the power supply industry. The most common charger power architecture includes an ac-dc converter with power factor correction (PFC) followed by an isolated dc-dc converter. As a key component of a charger system, the dc-dc converter must achieve high efficiency and power density. This dissertation mainly focuses on the dc-dc converter stage only and in order to meet high efficiency, high power density and a cost-effective solution, various dc-dc topologies have been investigated and proposed for battery charging application. In this research work two new full-bridge dc-dc converter topologies (one with inductive and another with capacitive output filter) operating with a trailing edge pulse width modulation (PWM) gating scheme are investigated. Also for higher power (>2 kW) battery charging application, another two new interleaved dc-dc converter topologies using full-bridge with capacitive output filter (one with bridge rectifier diodes and another with voltage doubler rectifier) are also investigated. Detailed operating principle and steady state analysis for different modes of operation, step-by-step design procedure, simulation, experimental results and performance evaluation with various semiconductor devices for each of these topologies are presented in this thesis. The results show that the performance, in terms of efficiency, size and cost for the full-bridge converter with capacitive output filter is superior to that with inductive output filter. Moreover the dc-dc converter with capacitive output filter overcomes some of the major issues such as high voltage ringing on the rectifier diodes and duty-cycle loss, which are present in the converter with inductive output filter.

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