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Transforming coercive processes with a Korean family of a child with a developmental disabilities and problem behaviour. Kwon, Samantha Jin-Oh


Family-centered PBS has been shown to be an effective and acceptable approach with families of children who have developmental disabilities and problem behaviours. However, little research has been done into the effects of cultural and linguistic differences on the provision of support for immigrant families. Among Canada’s many increasing ethnic minority populations, Korean Canadians are growing in number particularly rapidly. The purpose of this study was to add to the evidentiary base of an ecological, family-centered PBS approach by replicating the work of Lucyshyn et al. (2014) with a Korean-Canadian family raising a child with a developmental disability and problem behaviour. A single-case, quasi-experimental multiple baseline design across two routines in the home was used to evaluate the effectiveness of an approach designed to be culturally responsive to a Korean-Canadian family. Baseline data and preliminary intervention data were gathered for one target routine, and preliminary baseline data were gathered for the second routine. Preliminary results documented substantial decreases in child problem behaviour and increases in routine participation during the first sub-phase of intervention in which the interventionist provided intensive training with the child and in vivo parent training with the child’s mother. Preliminary social validity and contextual/cultural fit results indicated that the intervention was acceptable and contextually appropriate to the child’s mother. These preliminary results are discussed in terms of contributions to the literature, implications, cautions and limitations, and future research. This preliminary analysis serves as my thesis, while future research will address the remaining questions and extensions of this work.

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