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La hibridez genérica en dos obras de Manlio Argueta Un día en la vida (1980) y Cuzcatlán donde bate la mar del sur (1986) Robles Penate, Ana Esmeralda


The primary objective of this project is to problematize the literary genres used by the Salvadorian author Manlio Argueta (El Salvador, 1935) in two of his texts. The primary texts used are Un día en la vida (1980) and Cuzcatlán donde bate la mar del sur (1986). In both these works the historical, social, political and cultural experiences of El Salvador are novelized through the voice of testimony. Through a review of the testimonial theory and an analysis of the text we observe that these life narratives experience a hybridization of genres, because through an aesthetic and poetic language the author merges both a literary genre the novel and a genre with a social commitment the testimonio. Through this fusion the author is not only able to expose his own life experience but he is also able to give voice to the voiceless, and create a more impactful narrative.

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