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Development and validity assessment of a measure of social information processing within an online context among adolescents Maghsoudi, Rose


The Online Social Information Processing scale (OSIP) is a measure with 116 items that was developed based on the Social Information Processing model (SIP). The OSIP measures six social information processing skills, with a focus on how these skills are used in the face of online aggression. This goal of this study was to examine the validity of the OSIP for measuring how adolescents processed social information in online settings. After developing the items, to collect validity evidence, experts’ evaluation, as well as adolescents’ assessment through a think aloud protocol methods, was used. Evidence for validity from the item development emerged through content definition, test specification, and item editing. Evidence from expert evaluation is related to the construct of the test items in terms of alignment with the content domain and language appropriateness. Finally, evidence from student assessment came from using a think aloud protocol, which helped evaluate the language of the test items, as well as helped me understand how engaging adolescents found the measure.

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