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Characterization of food chain-derived Listeria monocytogenes and the role of Listeria genomic island (LGI1) in virulence, survival, and tolerance to food-related stress Kovacevic, Jovana


The presence of Listeria spp. and L. monocytogenes (Lm) was investigated in provincially inspected food processing and retail facilities in British Columbia. Lm (n=56) was recovered in food processing environment (FPE) of dairy, meat and fish facilities, and in ready-to-eat fish products. The majority of Lm belonged to listeriosis causing serotypes 1/2a and 4b. Isolate fingerprinting revealed 14 sequence types, and 38 pulsotypes, with 66% of Lm possessing the full-length inlA, a causally linked virulence determinant. Unexpectedly, 4b serotypes more readily acquired point mutations leading to rifampicin resistance compared to other serotypes (p

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