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Distributed skip list in fine-grain message passing interface : implementation and analysis of a dictionary data structure that supports range queries Alam, Sarwar


With scalability in mind, we have implemented a pure message-passing distributed data structure ideal for range queries. The structure is a distributed skip list that takes full advantage of Fine-Grain MPI to execute on a variety of scales ranging from a single multicore to multiple machines across clusters. The skip list data structure provides parallel implementation of range queries. Our implementation architecture is based on several services layered on top of each other that simplifies the effort required in building distributed code. Unlike concurrent data structures the distributed skip list operations are deterministic and atomic. The layered service architecture of our implementation exposes several control parameters that make it easy to distribute load, have operation flow control, vary granularity at different layers and tune performance to the underlying machine and network. Range-queries are implemented in a way that parallelizes the operation and takes advantage of the recursive properties of the skip list structure. We investigate a shortcut mechanism that alleviates the bottleneck at the head and introduces semantic trade offs between performance and consistency. We report on the performance of the skip list on a medium size cluster of two hundred cores with twenty thousand processes.

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