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Competency-based assessment in clinical high-fidelity simulation : a survey of methods used in undergraduate nursing Masigan, Peterson


This study aimed to describe the current use of competency-based assessment frameworks and tools in nursing programs in British Columbia (BC) who utilize HFS. High-Fidelity Simulation (HFS) is being adopted and used by nursing programs at an increasing rate. Competency-based assessment frameworks or tools offer an effective way to assess student learning and competence when utilizing HFS as part of teaching. However, current assessment methods used by nurse educators when utilizing HFS mostly involve assessing student’s self-reported competence measures, confidence, or satisfaction with the learning process. These instruments are typically designed within their institution and many have not been tested for validity or reliability. A survey study was designed to explore the frameworks and instruments currently used by nurse educators, trends related to specialized training in using HFS as a teaching tool for nurse educators, HFS utilization in nursing programs, and challenges experienced when using HFS. An online survey was used to collect data from nurse educators in British Columbia. Findings indicated inconsistent use of competency-based assessment frameworks and tools in various nursing programs in BC. Participants reported completing formative assessments after each HFS scenario, but a large majority of participants did not complete any summative assessments when utilizing HFS activities as part of their teaching. Lower range values were reported with regards to the number of specially trained nurse educators using HFS, as well as hours students were exposed to HFS in their programs. Challenges related to students’ attitudes towards realism of HFS scenarios, as well as nurse educators’ resistance to implementing best practices related to HFS use in education were also reported. Further research on developing validated and reliable competency-based assessment frameworks and tools, and implementation of consistent use of these tools in nursing programs is recommended.

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