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FindFS : adding tag-based views to a hierarchical filesystem Chou, Jason


Organising files by grouping them using tags is an alternative approach to filesystem design that has benefits over the traditional hierarchical model. However, the majority of filesystems in use remain hierarchical. In this paper we describe FindFS, an extension middleware which provides dynamic, tag-based views of an existing hierarchical filesystem. FindFS adopts the functionality of the find utility and adds support for extended attribute queries, which can be used for tagging files and filtering the filesystem. Search results are represented as directories containing symbolic links which are kept up-to-date in response to filesystem operations, allowing them to persist as views that are accessible from existing unmodified applications. Control of the system is accomplished via filesystem operations, enhancing its ease of integration and portability. We have developed a prototype of this system, and characterised the performance overhead that it adds to file operations.

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