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Su'nan chuida in the Jiangnan area of China : a holistic approach Shao, Rong


This thesis is a study of the ritual music in southern Jiangsu 江蘇 province, the region of Wu-speaking Chinese people 吴人. The music is generally known as Su’nan chuida 蘇南吹打 (‘Su’nan blowing-hitting’ [music]). My approach is that of a Chinese musicologist (Zhongguo yinyuexue 中國音樂學), in that I attempt to document history together with an accounting of sociological issues and analytic perspectives. For my fieldwork, I went to a small town named Shaobo 邵伯, which is near Yangzhou. The xiao paizi 小牌子 (‘little label’) tradition in Shaobo is believed to be one representative type of chuida. During my research, I have attempted a close observation and comprehensive understanding of the history, social values and qualities of Su’nan chuida music. I have also explored evidence of a connection between Su’nan chuida and Kunqu 崑曲 opera based upon analysis of a representative taoqu 套曲 suite form entitled Xia Xifeng 下西風.

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