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The lived experience of South Asian women with gestational diabetes mellitus Deol, Harleen


Factors that influence differentially managed gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and variances in adherence to GDM guidelines among the South Asian women were investigated using a qualitative design. There is a lack of descriptive literature related to this topic and subsequently the need for a better understanding to provide optimal care for this population of women. A phenomenological approach provided the research approach to generate descriptive knowledge of women’s lived experience of managing and adhering to GDM guidelines. Thus, the purpose of this research was to understand the lived experiences of South Asian women managing GDM. The research question guiding the study was: What is the lived experience of managing GDM for women of South Asian descent? The results from this research study will assist health care providers to understand the experiences of South Asian women and how their experience affects their ability to effectively manage GDM. Findings from this study will aid in developing and implementing strategies that can raise awareness and contribute to successful management of GDM among this population. The overall aim is to contribute such knowledge to assist with the development of population-specific intervention strategies to enable these women to successfully manage GDM.

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