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Diagnosis: Diabetes : an interactive chamber opera in one act Park, Michael James


Diagnosis: Diabetes is an interactive one-act chamber opera for five singers (soprano, mezzo-soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone) and an instrumental quintet (flute/alto flute, B-flat Clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello, and piano). It is approximately 60 minutes in duration with seven scenes and no intermission. The opera tells the story of Charlie and his relationship with his diabetes. After Charlie’s parents take full responsibility for his diabetes management in childhood, the audience influences the outcome of several scenes by answering the narrator’s multiple-choice questions. The audience’s success in answering these questions dictates whether the following scene has a good or bad outcome. The music of Diagnosis: Diabetes serves to facilitate the posing of questions (from scripted musicians to live audience) and the implementation of multiple dramatic outcomes in a live performance scenario.

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