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Pregnancy loss : women's experiences coping with miscarriage Shurack, Ettel Leah Zissel


This research documents the personal stories of women who have gone through pregnancy loss and seeks to better understand their experiences coping with miscarriage. Through in-depth one to one interviews, I examine the positive and negative aspects of the participants’ experiences, what impacted and influenced their coping, and how they were able to deal with and overcome their loss. This qualitative study uses a narrative approach to analyze seven in-depth interviews. A combination of holistic and categorical analysis is used in analyzing the study's themes and findings. My findings show that women benefit from having support during and after their miscarriage, particularly from their spouse, family, friends, and health care providers. Participants noted that they experienced silence and stigma surrounding miscarriage, and that a considerable aspect of their coping involved talking openly about their experiences. Given the widespread nature of miscarriage, this study is important to the field of social work because of the significance of better understanding the emotional effects, responses, and coping strategies that women find to be of comfort.

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