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The impact of experiential training on group counsellor development Hoover, Stuart Michael


To lead effective psychotherapy groups, counsellors must perform a complex array of skills with both confidence and competence. Best practices in training group counsellors advocate an integration of didactic and experiential learning (Barlow, 2012; CACREP, 2009). Experiential training is considered an invaluable training method for group counselling and has been shown to develop skill usage and understanding of group process in trainees (Stockton, Morran & Krieger, 2004). However, no study to date has experimentally examined the impact of experiential training on counsellor trainee development of confidence and competence. Therefore, this dissertation introduces an experiential training program seated in social cognitive theory and provides qualitative and quantitative evaluations of the impacts of the program on counsellor trainee confidence and competence variables.

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