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Assessing the impacts of home fortification with micronutrient powders on anemia, growth, and diarrhoea in children aged 6 - 24 months living in rural Rwanda Michaux, Kristina


Rwanda is a country with a high burden of childhood undernutrition with >40% of children 0.05). A sub-group analysis of only children who were anemic at baseline revealed greater Hb concentration in the MNP Group at 6– (mean diff: 0.27 g/dL, 95% CI: 0.06, 0.47, P=0.010) and 12– mo (mean diff: 0.24 g/dL, 95% CI: 0.04, 0.44, P=0.018). Similarly, children in the Comparison Group had higher risk of being anemic at 6– (OR: 1.52, 95% CI: 1.09, 2.08; P

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