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An experiment in alchemy : directing Triumph of Love, The Musical Tomasic, Barbara


An Experiment in Alchemy: directing Triumph of Love, the musical explores my directorial practice and the challenges presented in staging Triumph of Love as part of the UBC Department of Theatre and Film’s season at the Frederic Wood Theatre, March 19 – April 4, 2015. As presented in the following pages my primary objective was to present a wholehearted, entertaining production of this rarely presented musical. My practice explored the process of directing musical theatre by placing equal weight on text, music and movement. I believe that when all three elements are explored equally in the process of a musical, the alchemy of these three elements can have transformational effect on the audience. I also examined the idea of artistic collaboration within the role of director. In doing this I was able to overcome some of my previous challenges and anxieties and re-discover my strengths and love for the practice of directing theatre. This thesis includes my director’s preparation of the script, the journal chronicling my production process, production photos and a chapter containing my reflections on the experience in its entirety.

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