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Logistics modeling of biomass supply chain in Ontario Hamedani, Hamid Khaleghi


The overall goal of this research is to investigate the logistics of agricultural biomass in Ontario, Canada using the Integrated Biomass Supply Analysis and Logistics Model (IBSAL). The applicability of IBSAL is demonstrated through simulating three case studies. Case A is for the supply of corn stover to Ontario Power Generation (OPG) in Lambton. Case B concerns the supply of baled switchgrass from three farms to a greenhouse operation. Case C is for the supply of straw or switchgrass bales from 5 growing regions to Mushroom Producers Coop Inc. (MPCI). For Case A, five scenarios of delivering corn stover to the OPG power plant in Lambton Ontario are investigated: (1) base scenario, (2) central storage scenario, (3) direct scenario, (4) barge scenario, (5) railroad scenario. The net amount of annual biomass demand at the power plant is estimated to be 124,264 dry metric ton (Mg). For scenarios 1 to 5 the amount of biomass required to be harvested is respectively 160123, 155730, 151141,172480, and 170686 Mg per year. Also the total cost estimated to be respectively $37/Mg, $49/Mg, $33/Mg, $94/Mg, and $81/Mg. For Case B, the annual heating demand of a greenhouse located on southwestern Ontario near Lake Huron is calculated as 20,730 GJ/year. Roughly 2,200 Mg of switchgrass is required. Cost, energy consumption and carbon emission associated with the supply chain are $66/Mg, 151.3 MJ/Mg and 10.4 kg CO₂/Mg, respectively. The dry matter loss is calculated to be 805 Mg. For Case C, the following scenarios are modeled: (1) Base case scenario, (2) Straw location scenario, (3) Straw field to MPCI, (4) Switchgrass location scenario. Delivery costs of the first scenario vary in the range of $50-69/Mg. In the second scenario, the total average costs were $74/Mg, $68/Mg, and $70/Mg for the storage on gravel, storage on gravel with pad and protected under shed. Scenario 3 showed how sorted and unsorted bales affect the cost. The forth scenario the average total costs were reported to be $106.7/Mg, $91.4/Mg, and $90.8/Mg respectively for storage on the gravel pad on the gravel pad and protected under shed.

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