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A vertical and horizontal 3-axis hand-held confocal scanner for skin imaging applications Chen, Keqin


The goal of this project is to develop a hand-held size, confocal optical scanner for clinical skin imaging. Both vertical and horizontal image scanning have been successfully achieved. Vertical scanning is performed by a voice coil actuator in the Z axial direction and a resonant galvanometer scanner in the X lateral direction. Horizontal scanning is conducted with the same resonant galvanometer scanner and a regular galvo mirror in X and Y lateral directions. The vertical imaging plane is perpendicular to the sample surface, while the horizontal imaging plane is parallel to the sample surface. The developed device is capable of providing image resolutions of 0.9-1.1μm and 5-8μm in the lateral and axial directions, respectively. The operational scanning speed is adjustable from 8 to 20 frames per second. Imaging results in both vertical and horizontal directions are presented with biological samples, including onion and mouse skin. By using this hand-held scanner, physicians may be able to reduce the number of unnecessary and repetitive biopsies, which will lower the cost to the health care system.

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