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A method for real-time dynamic cloth wrinkling Peters, Craig


This work presents a novel technique for generating a plausible rest shape to cloth animations which have none, and adding dynamic folds and wrinkles to them in real-time. The nature of real-time animations makes this task very challenging. The models used are typically very coarse, and the animations used are often nonphysical and exhibit poor temporal and spatial coherence. Since animations can move and deform in non-physical ways, the notion of a valid rest shape or reference shape is not well defined. Instead, we utilize a graph-cut framework to smoothly and consistently measure temporally local deformation in the animation, and use that to construct a per-triangle temporally adaptive pseudo-reference shape. From this shape we compute a stretch tensor field whose eigenvectors can be used to trace plausible dynamic wrinkle paths. We then harness the GPU tessellation unit to refine and deform the cloth along these paths to create wrinkle geometry. Our method runs in real-time on a variety of data sets.

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