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Properties comparison of North American manufactured particleboard and medium density fiberboard Dettmer, Jörn


A survey of Canadian and US particleboard (PB) and medium density fiberboard (MDF) manufacturers was performed to identify potential candidates for the mechanical and physical properties comparison study. Sixty-three plants across Canada and the United States were contacted and 19 plants participated in the survey. In order to obtain and compare data on mechanical and physical properties of boards from PB and MDF manufacturers, samples were collected from 10 different manufacturing facilities across Canada and the United States (5 PB and 5 MDF). The performed tests included internal bond (IB), bending and elastic moduli (MOR/MOE), thickness swell (TS), linear expansion (LE), vertical density profile (VDP), and face and edge screw withdrawal resistance (SWR). Each manufacturing facility provided 5 full-sized (2440 by 1220 mm) panels that were tested according to North American standards. For particleboard, 4 out of 5 press lines exceeded the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A208.1-2009 recommendation for IB. Only one of the tested particleboard sets reached the recommended ANSI standard for MOR. Results for the edge SWR showed that none of the tested particleboard manufacturers reached the ANSI recommended value. For MDF, all but one press line exceeded the ANSI standard A208.2-2009 recommended minimum value for MOE. The results for the modulus of rupture for MDF showed two manufacturers exceeding the recommended value, and three failing to meet the recommended value.

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