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Multiaxial deformation of AZ80 magnesium alloy Tomlinson, Philip S.


The multiaxial deformation of magnesium alloys is important for developing reliable, robust models for both the forming of components and also analysis of in service performance of structures, for example, in the case of crash worthiness. This work presents a combination of unique biaxial experimental tests and biaxial crystal plasticity simulations using a visco-plastic self-consistent (VPSC) formulation conducted on AZ80 magnesium alloy in two different conditions - extruded and a more weakly textured as cast condition. The experiments were conducted on tubular samples which are loaded in axial tension or compression along the tube and with internal pressure to generate hoop stresses orthogonal to the axial direction. The results were analyzed in stress and strain space and also in terms of the evolution of crystallographic texture. In general, it was found that the VPSC simulations matched well with the experiments, particularly for the more weakly textured cast material. However, some differences were observed for cases where basal < a > slip and {10¯12} extension twinning were in close competition such as in the biaxial tension quadrant of the plastic potential. The evolution of texture measured experimentally and predicted from the VPSC simulations was qualitatively in good agreement. Finally, experiments and VPSC simulations were conducted in which samples of the extruded AZ80 material were subjected to a small uniaxial strain prior to biaxial loading in order to further explore the competition between basal slip and extension twinning.

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