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Undergraduate student nurses experiences of vertical violence Abulaban, Hiam


Vertical violence is the term used to describe abusive and bullying behaviours among a group of people with unequal power. Vertical violence is used in this study because the recipients of abusive behaviours are students. The goal of this phenomenological study was to elicit a description of the lived experience of nursing students with vertical violence during their clinical placements in three major hospitals in Palestine. Findings suggest that nursing students are experiencing and witnessing bullying behaviours in different forms, most notably by staff nurses and head nurses. Students reported that their experiences with vertical violence lessen as they advance in their clinical education and gain more skills. The majority of the students told someone about their experiences. Experiencing vertical violence was found to impact the students' learning, socialization and clinical practice. The students reported using different coping strategies to deal with vertical violence. Implications for practice include ensuring that if the issue of vertical violence is not dealt with, it will have a detrimental effect on the student nurses and on their practice. Recommendations include providing policies to address this issue and provide reporting guidelines for student nurses. Also teaching nursing students and nurses about vertical violence is to be a top priority for the schools of nursing and hospital managements.

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