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CMCMPI : Compose-Map-Configure MPI Chung, Ryan Ki Sing


In order to manage the complexities of Multiple Program, Multiple Data (MPMD) program deployment to optimize for performance, we propose (CM)²PI as a specification and tool that employs a four stage approach to create a separation of concerns between distinct decisions: architecture interactions, software size, resource constraints, and function. With function level parallelism in mind, to create a scalable architecture specification we use multi-level compositions to improve re-usability and encapsulation. We explore different ways to abstract out communication from the tight coupling of MPI ranks and placement. One of the methods proposed is the flow-controlled channels which also aims at tackling the common issues of buffer limitations and termination. The specification increase compatibility with optimization tools. This enables the automatic optimization of program run time with respect to resource constraints. Together these features simplify the development of MPMD MPI programs.

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