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(Re)presentations of homosexuality : the frame and knowledge in the making Isherwood, Matthew


This thesis is an inquiry into how one understands sexual difference. It will consider how queer lives are presented to us in the media, and it attends to ways in which these presentations might influence and shape our knowledge of queer subjects. The primary research questions addressed in this thesis include : Do sites of everyday influence continue to promote stereotypes? What does this mean for homosexual individual? And if such sites do promote such stereotypes, can sex education curriculum attempt to undo media bias? To address these questions, the thesis considers popular representations circulating in the media. It considers these representations in light of the author’s own experiences as a gay man. The critical thinking that emerges from this act is made possible by engaging with multiple pieces of content, as well as the work of queer theorists such as Sedgwick and Butler and Halperin. In this sense, a new question emerges : How can one keep knowledge in the making alive and ongoing?

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