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Case study : assessment of innovation on a P3 project product perspective D’Alençon Moya, Verónica


Innovation plays an important role in the construction industry and associated product and service supplies. Novel ideas in terms of design concepts, technologies and materials techniques for design, construction, and supply chain are being developed constantly in order to be more efficient in terms of resource usage to save time and money. An assessment of innovation is performed for the three proposals submitted for the Interior Heart and Surgical Centre building (IHSC) in Kelowna, BC. This project is being developed under a private public partnership contract between the Government of British Columbia and Plenary Group. Specifically, this thesis is focused on the product perspective, which relates to design aspects– the form and layout of the facility. The following definition of innovation was used in this study; “The use of advanced technologies, methodologies, and clever ideas that result in a positive incremental change compared to the indicative design”. In order to assess innovation, this definition was applied to four specific items of each proposal: enhancement of patient safety, optimization of clinical utilization, an enhanced wellness environment, and enhancement of site development features.

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