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Counsellors' use of poetry : what helps and hinders the therapeutic process Jalali Mazlouman, Shahla


This study used the Enhanced Critical Incident Technique (ECIT) to explore what helps or hinders the use of poetry in counselling psychology. Interview with nine participants produced a total of 174 critical incidents and wish list items. The study resulted in a total of 23 categories, with 10 categories of helping incidents, seven categories of hindering incidents, and six categories of wish list items. The following helping categories had the highest participation rates: poetry elements, the poetry content, activity, and experience and knowledge. The following hindering categories had the highest participant rates: clients, personal factors, and professional development. The top wish list categories based on participation rate were the following: resources, connecting with other colleagues, time, and supportive work environment. Nine credibility checks were performed to ensure validity of the data. The purpose of this study was to provide counselling psychologists with knowledge about the helping and hindering factors in the use of poetry in counselling.

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