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Parental involvement in education : a preliminary study of the lived experiences of parents in BC Herrera, Lisa


Parents’ involvement in their children’s schooling (PI) has become an established norm in Western society. However, because of the way parents are pressured and positioned within the school system with traditional (TPI) and formalized (FPI) models of involvement, some proponents argue for different and deeper relationships between parents and schools with collaborative (CPI) models. In British Columbia, the current government has proposed through the introduction in 2011 of the BC Education Plan (BCED Plan), that parents in the province could in the future be working in “partnership” with teachers through individualized learning for students. Through the lens of phenomenology, the lived-experiences and beliefs about education and PI of a diverse selection of participants is explored in order to better understand what parents themselves want for their children and what they are trying to achieve through connections to teachers and schools. Conclusions and recommendations about the nature of PI discourse and the future of BCED Plan are offered.

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