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Three essays in operations management Hermel, Dror Z.


This dissertation addresses three topics in the domain of operations management. First we study the problem of profit allocation in a supply chain using a bargaining approach. We present a novel framework for the analysis of this problem. The application of our framework results in a prescription for the required profit allocations. We prove that in a setting where all supply chain agents can communicate, possibly coordinating their actions, the allocation prescribed by our bargaining framework coincides with the Shapley value of a cooperative game associated with the setting. Next, we study revenue management in the presence of strategic consumers, who face some uncertainty regarding the product valuation. We show, contradictory to the main stream of the literature regarding strategic consumers, that under certain circumstances, the retailer may prefer facing strategic consumers rather than myopic ones. Finally, we study the issue of cross-dock operations management at a shift-level. We target the main gap identified in the literature for this issue, and present a holistic framework for the allocation of cross-dock resources to processing of containers and freight. We show, using simulated data that our approach outperforms current practices.

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