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Seismic vulnerability assessment and retrofit optimization of non-code conforming buildings with consideration of mainshock-aftershock earthquake Duerr, Konrad


Many seismically active locations in Canada and around the world have structures built before modern seismic design practices were established. More recently, the effects of aftershocks have been included as an important consideration when assessing the seismic risk of non-code conforming structures. Often, the large stock of at-risk structures limits the available resources to mitigate seismic damage. In this work, modern simulation software was used to perform a seismic hazard analysis of a non-code conforming reinforced-concrete structure including the effects of mainshock-aftershock sequences. Structure performance was measured with both drift and damage accumulation methods. Additionally, optimization methods were integrated with the structural analysis to reduce the cost and improve the performance of seismic mitigation retrofit schemes. Modern parallel computing techniques were implemented to reduce the overall computation time, further improving the usability of the process. The resulting retrofit location schemes were presented and compared.

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