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Horizontal alignment optimization in road design Mondal, Sukanto


The horizontal alignment optimization problem in road design is a complex problem. Usually, classic optimization techniques cannot be used to address the problem. A few studies investigated the problem mainly using heuristics. Unfortunately, all of the previously studied heuristic based methods do not guarantee optimality. In this study, we develop a novel optimization model to solve the horizontal alignment optimization problem in a specified corridor. The cost of a horizontal alignment is significantly affected by the associated vertical alignment cost. So in order to formulate the cost function of the model, we consider both the vertical alignment and earthwork allocation associated with a horizontal alignment. The representation of a horizontal alignment in our model satisfies all of the geometrical specifications used by engineers. Our model is suitable for both backtracking and non-backtracking horizontal alignments. Derivative-free optimization algorithms are used to solve the problem and guarantee the local optimality of our solution. The numerical experiment results of a set of practical problems are reported.

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