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Rhetoric and reality : denial of Aboriginal rights in Canada Netherton, Corinna Lynn


The Government of Canada’s denial of the nature of its colonial relations with Indigenous peoples is embodied in its efforts to keep the peace between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples. This peace is maintained through political decisions which deter from Aboriginals’ efforts to achieve autonomy. The rhetoric of the state narrative and the reality in practice is outlined is this thesis. Explored is how legislation impacts the rights of Aboriginal peoples and how reconciliation can be achieved with one another to build a relationship of mutual respect. Reconciliation includes overcoming colonialism and hegemonic control that still exists. Denial is an inherent trait that is manifested in society and is guided by the state through the nation’s laws. There continues to be an oppression of Aboriginal human rights and social justice in Canada, which is contradictory to international initiatives. This thesis explores the concept of denial as a symptom of colonialism that obstructs the much needed process of decolonization that is genuine reconciliation.

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