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Every last bit of you Wilson-Scorgie, Dorothea Jane


Every Last Bit of You is a realistic fiction novel employing an alternative narrative format. Profiles, passwords, wall posts, chats, and private messages tell the story of fifteen-year-old Hailey Milner, and sixteen-year-old Noah Huntington. This young adolescent novel explores the themes of grief and obsession through interconnecting communications of several characters, illustrating problems faced by modern teens such as Internet stalking and family difficulties, and ultimately leading the reader through a journey of reconstruction. Hailey Milner, born and raised in Victoria, BC, is having a rough year at school, ignoring invitations from her best friend, Sophia, and struggling to make sense of her family’s changing circumstances. And what more could she possibly take on? A recommendation from the school’s counselor suggests joining the school’s badminton team. Moving from Calgary, AB, Noah and his twin brother, Jack, arrive at school in the middle of the spring term. The last thing on this sporty jock’s mind is playing badminton. But when Noah discovers it’s the only school team left this year, he tries out. Hailey’s ‘safe space’ in these hard months is writing to her older sister, Zoe, that is, until Hailey and Noah are partnered in the mixed doubles on the badminton team. Hailey’s year finally starts to look up when a tentative friendship develops between her and Noah. Hailey senses that Noah has some family secrets of his own and she sees the potential for a fresh start for herself. Could their friendship possibly mean more? Hailey’s daydreams burst when she discovers that Noah is not likely to reciprocate her feelings. This event, compounding her original problems, drives Hailey into a grief-induced obsession over Noah, which soon gives way to full-out Facebook stalking. On the anniversary of a significant event, the root of Hailey’s grief becomes fodder for the News Feed on Facebook. But Hailey soon learns that not all public news is bad news. At the same time, Noah’s home life is also in flux, and through his muddled friendship with Hailey, he gains an appreciation for what, or rather who, matters in life.

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