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Signalling in single cell wound healing Liao, Laura


A single cell, such as a frog egg, is able to repair injuries by orchestrating a localized signalling response on the plasma membrane. Proteins called Rho GTPases are recruited to, and form patterns around, the wound site. Patterning allows testable hypotheses to be made about the structure of the signalling network. Here, we extend a Rho GTPase signalling model from Simon et al. (2013) to test how a family of enzymes, protein kinase C (PKC), plays a role in cell repair signalling. Our models let PKCs affect basal Rho GTPase activation and/or inactivation rates, with increasing spatial detail. Ultimately, the model variants do not account for Rho GTPase patterning in all experiments. We suggest a new round of modelling and experiments to correct these issues.

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