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Taxonomy and phylogeny of mitosporic Capnodiales and description of a new sooty mold species, Fumiglobus pieridicola, from British Columbia, Canada. Bose, Tanay


Sooty molds from Capnodiaceae are epiphyllous saprotrophs that are often associated with sap-sucking insects. The honeydew exuded by these insects serves as the nutritive substrate for the molds. Through this study I identify an unknown sooty mold on Japanese andromeda, Pieris japonica, from northwestern North America. Morphological analysis of the pycnidial state suggested the fungus is a Fumiglobus species, but with substantial differences from the previously reported species from the genus. In this thesis, I illustrate and describe the epiphyllous mold as Fumiglobus pieridicola. I also provide partial 18S and 28S ribosomal gene sequence data for F. pieridicola. These are the first sequences determined for any species in the genus. Using my sequence dataset, I show that the genus Fumiglobus is within Capnodiaceae with considerable bootstrap support. I also furnish new sequences for the type species of the mitosporic genus Conidiocarpus, also in Capnodiaceae. I confirm that Conidiocarpus is the anamorph of Phragmocapnias. Following the rules of nomenclatural priority, I synonymize Phragmocapnias species under Conidiocarpus. Using ancestral character state reconstruction for Capnodiales, I find a high probability that the ancestor for Capnodiaceae was pycnidial. My analyses contribute to an improved molecular and morphological definition of Capnodiaceae.

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