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A study of the consumer market for duck and quail egg products : the case of Chinese Canadians in Vancouver, British Columbia Arthur, Jennifer Anne


With the growing ethnic diversity in metropolitan areas of North America, ethnic food niche markets, traditionally served by imports, may represent opportunities for local producers and processors. This study profiles the Chinese Canadian consumer market in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia (BC) for salted and preserved duck eggs and fresh quail eggs. After initial focus group research, a random sample survey of ethnic Chinese households yielded a net of 410 respondents (28.9%). Logistic regression analysis, including a measurement of acculturation, and cluster analysis based on beliefs, were used to describe buyer behaviour, predict purchase, and identify key buyer groups and opportunities. Results indicated that 73% of respondents purchased at least one of the duck or quail egg products in the past year, but only 15% purchased fresh quail eggs. Most purchased infrequently, however, the duck egg products’ market shares were divided approximately 40% - 40% between low and high frequency buyers, respectively. The sample’s mean acculturation score was medium-low on the created scale, suggesting a tendency to hold on to their Chinese cultural heritage. Results also indicated a significant, negative association between acculturation and product purchase. Logistic regression analysis yielded a model that correctly predicted 77% of purchases: Acculturation, and household size (positive association), were significant predictor variables. Cluster analyses suggested 4 buyer segments for each duck egg product. Significant differences were found between the segments. Results indicated an opportunity may exist to maintain and grow the market by addressing health concerns, particularly for salted duck egg buyers. Respondents indicated a willingness to pay at least 10% more for BC produced duck egg products versus imports, all other characteristics equal. The low number of fresh quail egg buyers prevented a meaningful market segmentation. However, an opportunity to provide a smaller package size may exist: Median preferred size was 12 eggs. Opportunities exist for local producers and processors; however, results suggest that due to acculturation, new immigrants will be required to sustain the market. Few Chinese Canadians appear to buy fresh quail eggs for at home consumption: Industry is recommended to concentrate efforts in the hotel/restaurant segment or investigate other consumer segments.

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