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A steady-state analytical solution for MOSFET channel temperature estimation Rajput, Harish C.


A steady state analytical solution for MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor) channel temperature estimation has been derived and the analytical model has been used to develop a software tool called HeatMOS©. HeatMOS© estimates the MOSFET channel temperature based on information from the device layout and an industry standard BSIM3 compact model. The steady state solution is an approximation for the channel temperature distribution along its length. The HeatMOS© model has been designed to be integrated into a VLSI CAD flow to predict the steady state temperature of a full micro-chip. An equivalent M-network model for steady state temperature can be extended for each MOSFET device in a complete micro-chip. In future work, HeatMOS© can be combined with the models of interconnect to develop a full micro-chip thermal analysis software tool.

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