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Making short films in French class : the role of collaborative short films projects in social cohesion and student engagement in the Core French classroom Garcia Castillo, Erin


Based on the principles of social constructivism, multiliteracies and Freire’s (1970) critical pedagogy concept of dialogue, I observed and reflected upon my current practices as a teacher of additional languages. The main purpose for this study was to examine the role of creating collaborative short films in social cohesion and student engagement in the Core French classroom. The study included one grade 10 Core French class who explored course content (television and film genres) by creating their own collaborative short films. The short film unit, including an optional show casing in the school theatre, took place over a span of 5 weeks. I collected data through a variety of forms: field notes, journal reflections, questionnaires, focus groups, and interviews. Once data were collected, I used an arts-based approach (screenplay writing) to both analyze and disseminate my findings. The research-based screenplay that I wrote is based on the data and I share this writing in the thesis along with an analysis of this artistic process which deconstructs the screenplay for the reader. I shared the screenplay with participants to seek further insights and feedback. My findings and discussions are largely based on understandings gleaned from the process of writing the screenplay.

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