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On global properties of solutions of some nonlinear Schrödinger-type equations Koo, Eva Hang


The Schrödinger equation, an equation central to quantum mechanics, is a dispersive equation which means, very roughly speaking, that its solutions have a wave-like nature, and spread out over time. We will consider global behaviour of solutions of two nonlinear variations of the Schrödinger equation. In particular, we consider the nonlinear magnetic Schrödinger equation. [Formulas omitted] We show that under suitable assumptions on the electric and magnetic potentials, if the initial data is small enough in H¹, then the solution of the above equation decomposes uniquely into a standing wave part, which converges as t → ∞, and a dispersive part, which scatters. We also consider the Schrödinger map equation into the 2-sphere. We obtain a global well-posedness result for this equation with radially symmetric initial data without any size restriction on the initial data. Our technique involves translating the Schrödinger map equation into a cubic, non-local Schrödinger equation via the generalized Hasimoto transform. There, we also show global well-posedness for the non-local Schrödinger equation with radially-symmetric initial data in the critical space L²(ℝ²), using the framework of Kenig-Merle and Killip-Tao-Visan.

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