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Life and a lover : lighting an emotional landscape Huizinga, Sharon


The purpose of this thesis is to document and describe the design process and final lighting design for the University of British Columbia (UBC) production of Life and a Lover. This play was written by Natalie D. Meisner and provides a fictionalized account of Virgina Wolf’s love affair with Vita Sackville West, the subsequent writing of “Orlando,” and eventual suicide. The production opened March 9, 2000 in the Frederic Wood Theatre and ran until March 19, 2000. Kathleen Weiss directed the production and the creative team included Allison Greene (Set Designer), and Kathie Kibble (Costume Designer). The Lighting Design was facilitated by Niven Pong (Assistant Lighting Designer), Don Griffiths (Master Electrician) and UBC undergraduate theatre students. The thesis begins with a summary of the story of the play and a brief background of the historical figure of Virginia Woolf. It then describes the design process conceptually and technically, finally summarizing the effectiveness of the design and the design process, as well as my own experience of the production.

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