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Graphic narrative and existential philosophy : the scenic design for "The Trial of Judith K." Carr, Alexander Leo


“The Trial of Judith K.,” by Sally Clark was held in the Frederic Wood Theatre at the University of British Columbia (UBC) from September 29th through October 8th, 2011 and was the first production of the 2011/2012 theatre season. The production team was as follows: Director, Tom Scholte; Scenic Designer, myself, Alexander L. Carr; Lighting Designer, Mandi Lau; Costume Designer, Allison Green; Sound Designer, Emily Griffiths; and Properties Designer, Lynn Burton. The Technical Director for this production was James Ferguson and the Production Manager was Jay Henrickson. I approached the design inspired by the philosophy of Jean Paul Sartre. Other major influences on this project were the literary art form the graphic narrative and cartoon cell animation. A major focus in my study of scenic design is how to interpret structural and thematic concepts of the graphic narrative and cartoon animation in three-dimensional space for use on the stage. Three of the concepts I explored in this design were “page turning” as one would turn the pages of a book, “frames,” or the pictorial images found in a graphic narrative, and “the gutter,” or the physical and psychological space between frames in a graphic narrative. Graphic narrative and cartoon animation were also direct influences on the paint scheme chosen for the set.

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