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Sustainability of school-wide positive behaviour interventions and supports : a qualitative study of critical incidents Andreou, Theresa


The purpose of this study was to identify, categorize and describe the insider’s perspective on what helps and what hinders sustainability of School-wide Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Seventeen participants involved in sustaining PBIS over several years were interviewed and asked what events significantly affected the durable long term implementation of PBIS. Two hundred and twenty eight critical events were recorded and sorted into emergent unitary clusters based on content analysis. These categories then underwent rigorous reliability and validity checks including expert analysis, interrater agreement, and participant feedback. This process yielded 13 categories used to comprehensively represent the participants’ experience of sustainability: PBIS Teams, Continuous Teaching, Focus on Positives, Staff Ownership, Administrative Involvement, Adaptation, Community of Practise, Use of Data, Involving New Personnel, Access to External Expertise, Priority, Staff Turnover, and Conflict of Personal Beliefs/Mistaken Beliefs.

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