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Isometrically deforming cloth with simultaneous collision handling Wang, Zheng


We propose an isometrically deforming cloth model for physics-based simulation, which works with a conforming triangle mesh yet doesn’t suffer from locking. This in itself is an important step forward for cloth animation, as many common materials essentially do not stretch, yet the only prior method capable of handling this regime used a non-conforming mesh which considerably complicated collision handling. We further introduce a general integration scheme for constrained dynamics with additional potential energy terms and frictional contact, all fully and implicitly coupled together rather than staggered in time. Shells with stiff bending forces greatly benefit from the simultaneous coupling. Moreover, we show that solving for one time step in this scheme can be transformed to solving a Newton sequence of unconstrained linear least-squares problems, resulting only in sparse, symmetric positive definite matrices which can be handled particularly efficiently.

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