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Idling and cutting vibration characteristics of guided circular saws Mohammadpanah Foroutaghe, Ahmad


In this thesis the vibration characteristics of guided circular saws are studied, both analytically and experimentally. Significant insights into the complex dynamic behavior of guided circular saws are presented first by numerical investigation of rotating disks and then by conducting idling and cutting experimental tests of splined saws with different guide configurations. For the numerical investigations, the governing linear equation of transverse vibration of a rotating disk is used. As a primary interest, the variation of disk natural frequencies with rotation speed and the disk response to applied external force are calculated. Also, the steady state response of the disk at different speeds is calculated. The effects of elastic lateral constraints are investigated in this section. A comprehensive experimental investigation of idling tests of splined saws with different guide configurations is presented. The frequencies and amplitudes of the blade vibrations are documented and the mean deflections of the disks are plotted. The dynamic characteristics of a rotating blade when subjected to the stationary lateral constant force are discussed. Extensive cutting tests are conducted and the effect of different guide configurations on cutting accuracy is presented. Cutting tests are conducted at different speeds, below and above the lowest critical speed for different guide configurations. The cutting results are compared to determine the guide configuration which results in the best cutting accuracy.

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