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Query processor for the conceptual integration modeling framework Chen, Zhaohong


A data warehouse is a giant information pot made by integrating data from different data sources. Its schema can easily become complicated in order to hold all historical data. This complexity can confuse end users. The Conceptual Integration Modeling (CIM) framework was proposed to bridge the gap between users and the schema by adding a user-defined conceptual layer. This thesis aims to fulfill the query processor component in the CIM framework. Traditional query languages like SQL require a relatively tough learning curve, which is too dynamic for business users. Instead we propose a new CIM query language and a query interface to work with the visual representation of the CIM framework. This query interface only focuses on user needs and hides unnecessary implementation details to the back end. Thus, it is easy for business users to pose queries. In addition, we also do some optimization on the query processor by selecting views to materialize. Our proposed algorithm can achieve the lower performance bound of 46.7% of the optimal solution.

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