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Effect of peer tutoring in reading for boys in French immersion Hodson, Helen


Inspired by concern for the low motivation for reading in French of boys in French immersion programs, a study was undertaken in an elementary school in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the form of a reading intervention program. The program consisted of a peer tutoring reading group for French immersion males where the tutors were Grade 7 boys and the tutees were Grade 5 boys. The program was based on the Peer Tutoring Literacy Program™ for French Immersion Schools, which was used successfully in Elementary schools in Vancouver. Students met with their partners every week and read together French texts that were especially selected for boys. In addition to increasing motivation for reading, a number of other outcomes were examined: Whether the program would encourage more home reading in French, whether the program would increase the confidence of the tutees, the effect of the gender of the tutors and any effects that the tutoring program had on the Grade 7 tutors. Data were collected in the form of questionnaires (pre-and post-program), and interviews. The results suggest that, overall, motivation for reading in French and confidence in French reading abilities of the tutees increased but that the role of gender was not as significant as anticipated. Effects on the Grade 7 tutors were minimal.

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