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Silicon ring resonator add-drop multiplexers Boeck, Robert


Wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) using silicon-on-insulator (SOI) waveguides have become an attractive area of research to decrease the footprint of optical interconnects as well as to ensure high speed data transmission. Specifically, research into using SOI ring resonator add-drop filters for WDM applications have been increasingly pursued. A ring resonator coupled on both sides by straight waveguides enables one to add (multiplex) or drop (demultiplex) wavelengths. Using series-coupled ring resonators, with each resonator having a different length, enables better spectral performance than single ring resonators. In this thesis, we have analyzed the properties of SOI strip waveguides and directional couplers. We have compared different spectral properties of single and series-coupled ring resonators and showed the advantages of using series-coupled ring resonators. SOI strip waveguide series-coupled racetrack resonators exhibiting the Vernier effect were designed by us and fabricated at a leading edge foundry. The free spectral range was 36 nm, which is comparable to the span of the optical C-band. The drop port response showed interstitial peak suppression between 9 dB and 17 dB and minimal resonance splitting.

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