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A faithful interpretation of an unfaithful translation : directing Wild Honey Cochrane, Brian


A Faithful Interpretation of an Unfaithful Translation: Directing Wild Honey examines the preparation, pre-production and rehearsal process involved in staging Wild Honey at the Frederick Wood Theatre in March 2011. My objective was to stage a viable, engaging production of Michael Frayn’s re-working of Chekhov’s untitled play. My methods included in-depth table rehearsals, impulse blocking, and working with a vocabulary of active language to best interpret the text with the actors. This play is a great challenge and we continued to unfold new truths from the script right through until closing night. The paper includes an essay on why Frayn is the ideal person to translate and adapt the works of Chekhov, a pre-production analysis of the script, a journal chronicling the entire process from project proposal until closing night, and a short reflection on the process concluding with final thoughts on the production.

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