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Reflecting Aboriginality : informing the development of a terminology guide for journalists Michielin, Jessica Brianne


This study draws upon qualitative interviews with journalists working within organizations that are members of the Strategic Alliance of Broadcasters for Aboriginal Reflection (SABAR), including, but not limited to, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, CBC Television, and OMNI Diversity Television. This study finds that a terminology guide for Aboriginal reporting is a necessary and long overdue journalistic resource. This thesis also finds that an online guide is the most accessible method of delivery for journalists. The study’s third key finding provides an indication of what journalists think SABAR’s guide should contain in order to improve coverage of Aboriginal communities. Thus, SABAR’s guide is important because it will offer journalists a way to be more accurate in their portrayals of Aboriginal people. SABAR’s guide represents a significant—and unprecedented—step toward informing accuracy in Aboriginal reporting.

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