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The role of school personnel perceptions in predicting sustained implementation of school-wide positive behavior support Mathews, Susanna


The current study explored the extent to which implementation of critical features of School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) predicted sustained implementation three years later. The respondents included school personnel from 261 schools across the United States who had been implementing SWPBS for at least three years. The PBIS Self-Assessment Survey (PBIS SAS) was administered to assess whether self-reported ratings of school personnel regarding fidelity of implementation in different SWPBS settings (school-wide, non-classroom, classroom, individual) predicted the fidelity of SWPBS practices in schools through an independent evaluation using the Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ) measure. Regression analyses indicated that self-reported fidelity of implementation of Classrooms Systems significantly predicted sustained implementation. Within Classroom Systems, regular acknowledgement of expected behaviors, matching instruction and curriculum materials to student ability, and access to additional support were the strongest predictors of sustained implementation. Results are discussed in terms of critical factors for focusing SWPBS training and professional development to increase the likelihood of sustained implementation.

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