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Dynamic duration of load models Zhai, Yongliang


The duration of load effect is a distinctive and important characteristic of wood strength. It refers to the fact that wood products can usually sustain a high load for a short time but the products may deteriorate and break in the long run. Modelling the duration of load effect and testing wood for specific properties of this effect are important in formulating wood construction standards. Damage accumulation models have been proposed by authors to model the duration of load effects. The models assume that damage is accumulated over time according to the load history, and once the accumulated damage reaches a threshold value, the board will break. Different authors have designed different experiments and proposed different methods for estimating the model parameters. In this work, we consider several damage accumulation models, with a focus on the U.S. model. We investigate the effects of the distributional assumptions for the models, and propose several methods to estimate parameters in the models. Our proposed methods are evaluated via simulation studies. Two real datasets are present for illustration.

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